About Us

AVAZA Language Services Corporation (AVAZA LSC) has provided foreign language interpreting and translating services to government agencies and healthcare networks since 2001.  With an initial goal to bridge communication gaps, a major factor in healthcare disparities, we focused on an effective language service model that directly addresses missed opportunities and health outcomes. This was essentially the beginning of AVAZA, more importantly, a blueprint of practices that focused on creating meaningful language assistance through language service components.  Looking back in over a decade of service, we have not changed in our desire to create access, but we have changed in standardizing how.

Located in Nashville, Tennessee,

AVAZA is a certified SBA 8(a) business and certified Minority Business through the Governor’s Office of Diversity Business Enterprise, State of Tennessee.


AVAZA Services:

We offer a system’s buyer concept to Language Services:

  • Telephonic Interpreting
  • On-Site Interpreting (Simultaneous and Consecutive)
  • Document Translation
  • Language Analytic Support
  • Video Remote Interpreting
  • Interpreter Assessment and Training

Our language service components are focused on delivering meaningful language assistance.  This essentially means instilling quality in every aspect of our operations to include a skilled and trained interpreter and translator base, leveraging of the latest technologies and commitment to best practices.


Our interpreter staff is trained and certified/qualified in accordance with industry standards with focus in the health care, social service and emergency management.  Hundreds of hours are dedicated to the development and training of our interpreters in the various areas of their work and each interpreter is required to undergo these trainings and testing programs.

Major programs include:

  • 40-Hour Medical Interpreter Training
  • HIV/AIDS RWCAP Program
  • Mental Health for Interpreters Program
  • Critical Stress Incident Program
  • National Certification Work

We believe in dedication towards a sound CQI module to drive our quality assurance goals.  AVAZA employees are cross-trained in the industry of interpreting to ensure “product” understanding and quality of service.


Providing quality language services over-the-phone requires scalability in telephony systems and/or server platforms that meet redundancy, reliability, security, and performance needs. While our systems engage in those fundamental needs, we continuously race to integrate the newest technologies that only support efficiency in the deployment of our services.
At AVAZA, where client satisfaction is paramount, information management acts as the catalyst to successful delivery of services.  Our goals in gathering, evaluating and managing information enable us to constantly enhance processes for each service component.  As a result, our services exceeds the national metrics national in language interpretation, document translation and interpreter training.  We work in multiple industries, government and non-profit agencies.  Our service components can assist you in compliance, communication, outreach and better outcomes.  As a leader in providing language services, AVAZA holds a language bank of 180 languages and dialects, with an national interpreter base of over 3000 qualified and certified language specialists in healthcare and emergency services -24 hours a day, 365 days a year.