AVAZA Language Services has served the language needs of all industries and levels of government for ten years.  Headquartered in Nashville, TN, we employ a diverse, multi-disciplined, multi-functional work force from across the globe.  Our language service components are focused on delivering meaningful language assistance by instilling quality in every aspect of our operations including a skilled and trained interpreter and translator base, leveraging of the latest technologies available, and unparalleled commitment to customer service.

             First, our interpreter staff is trained and certified/qualified in accordance with industry standards focusing on healthcare, social service, and emergency management.  Proficiency in both source and target languages is not the only factor that may qualify bilingual persons to become AVAZA interpreters: skills in brokering, discernment, and professionalism are also required in our industry.  Secondly, recognizing quality goes hand in hand with advanced technology.  We ensure our systems and server platforms meet redundancy, reliability, security, and performance needs.  Our applications and processes insure efficiency in the delivery of the interpretation and translation product.  Finally, our passion for customer service means that we believe in dedications towards a sound CQI model to monitor and enhance our service components.

             AVAZA employees are cross-trained in the industry of interpreting to ensure “product” understanding and quality of service.  An additional goal is language depth, ensuring language support and flexibility of our service product.  Our winning formula is information.  At AVAZA, where client satisfaction is paramount, information management acts as the catalyst to successful delivery of services.  Our goals in gathering, evaluating, and managing information enable us to constantly enhance processes for each service component.  As a result, our services surpass national standards in language interpretation, document translation, and interpreter training.

             We work in multiple industries: governmental, business, medical, and non-profits.  Our service components can assist you in compliancy, communication, outreach, and better outcomes.  As a leader in providing language services, AVAZA holds a language bank of 120 languages and dialects with a national interpreter base of over 3000 qualified and certified language specialists in healthcare and emergency services available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.