OPI – How It Works

Accessing an AVAZA interpreter through OPI services is quick and easy.

To access an AVAZA interpreter:

  • Call the toll-free number designated to your agency.
  • Provide your access code (AC) to the AVAZA representative.
  • Provide the language you need and any additional information per contract specifications (name, department, etc.).
  • The AVAZA representative will then connect you to the appropriate interpreter.

In the event you do not know or have forgotten your AC, contact your department head or contract representative.  If you are unable to identify the language the LEP speaks, our trained agents can assist you.


You can access OPI from any phone: land-line, enterprise phone (TDM or VOIP), cell phone, and/or the industry standard (MEDPAT D2200 Dual Handset Interpreting Phone, pictured below, provided by AVAZA).

 Download AVAZA MEDPAT Phone PDF brochure

Access Codes

Users will be assigned access codes (AC) in order to be identified and granted access to OPI services.  It is important to note that all ACs must be protected and can be changed at any time during the service period.  Contract representatives and/or department heads will be provided a complete list of all ACs.  Unfortunately, we cannot provide any information, including ACs, without approval from your contract representative and/or department head.

Call Flow Process

CAll Process.001

Conference Calls

If you need assistance conducting a three-way or conference call, we can help you:

  • Inform the AVAZA agent at the beginning of the call that you wish for him/her to perform a three-way or conference call.
  • Have the phone number and name of LEP ready.
  • Once connected to the interpreter, let the interpreter know what you would like them to say in the event that the call is answered by voicemail.