Training and Support Media

There are over 6,800 languages spoken in the world so don’t feel bad if you are unable to identify what language an LEP person speaks.  We offer language identification tools to assist your users in targeting languages.  We can also customize and create our LID charts to meet the language demographics in the areas that you serve.  Our training and support media follows industry standards and compliance standards in language media and is critical in providing Culturally and Linguistically Appropriate Services.

Language Identification Chart (LID)

The LID chart assists you in targeting an LEP’s language and can be posted in lobby areas open to the general public and individual examination rooms.  The 25 languages on the chart represent the most requested languages in the U.S. and is translated as;

“Do you speak English?”  “Point here and an Interpreter will be assigned to you at no cost.”

Sizes: 18×24 and 8.5×11


Quick Reference Card

The Quick Reference Cards allows your users to quickly access the instructions and codes necessary to connect to an AVAZA interpreter.

Size: 5×7



Tri-Fold LID

The Tri-Fold LID easily folds and can be carried with you.  It has the same function as it’s larger brother but can help you target over 140 languages and dialects.

Size: 14×8.5 open, 3.5×8.5 closed


Side A


Side B

How to Work with AVAZA Interpreters Manual (not pictured)

Our manual provides tutorials on how to work with our interpreters, what to expect when working with an LEP person and how to access our services.

I Speak Card (not pictured)

This wallet-sized card identifies the language(s) and country the LEP speaks and is from.  It should be handed to the LEP person to use each time he/she is in need of services.