Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI)

By using AVAZA for your over-the-phone interpreting needs, you will experience:

  • Support in 180 languages and dialects
  • 24/7/365 access
  • Quick connections
  • Qualified/certified medical interpreters
  • Toll-free numbers you can keep
  • Aggressive quality control
  • HIPAA compliancy
  • Billing for interpreting time only

Our Belief

Due to it’s flexibility, it is not at all surprising that Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI) remains the most popular method of delivery in the language services industry.  We believe that OPI services should be quick, managed, and not cost-prohibitive to allow for best practices and not missed opportunities.

When you call AVAZA, a live agent will answer the call, there are no numerous codes to key in.  Our agents will assist you targeting the needed language, gathering and verifying your information, and connecting you to an interpreter all in a matter of seconds.  Furthermore, not only do we provide support in 120 languages but we are constantly assessing the patient population, served communities, and client needs in order to staff appropriately and always be prepared for client requests.

Managed Sessions

AVAZA interpreters are trained and certified in our custom programs designed to go beyond nationwide practices and standards of interpreting.  From confidentiality to compliance and ethics to accuracy, interpreter training is continuous, effective, and integrated with call center practices and customer care metrics.

Controlling Cost with No Affect to Quality

Labor, operation, technology, and telephony expenses are all primary factors that make up the unit cost of OPI.  This unit cost is substantially higher with our competitors without a difference in service level. With smart alternatives to conventional cost drivers, we can reduce expenses and pass those savings on to you without compromising quality.

OPI – How It Works