Document Translation

Although it is cost effective and does serve as a great investment for your organization, document translation is by far the most challenging of all foreign language services.  Our goal is to understand your needs through the document and transfer the intent accurately without altering the message.


At AVAZA we understand the challenges in document translation.  Regardless of the size, every project is subject to the same end-to-end standard.  Estimates are provided before any work is started.  Each translation request is a project that starts with an assigned coordinator and translator.  Once work begins, two stages of proofing follow to ensure accuracy as well as use of terms.   The final draft will be returned to the translation manager to be processed, formatted, and converted into relevant digital files to be sent to you.

Professional Training – ATA member since 2004

AVAZA translators follow nationwide standards in translation from the leading training organizations and programs.  Although the ATA is the nation’s leading source and our preferred choice for training, we continually adopt standards and processes throughout the nation that guarantee best practices.

Delivery of Services

  • Multi-step process for translating and proofing to ensure accuracy and quality
  • Certified translators
  • Document is certified as accurate by all translators
  • Notarization available
  • Over 120 languages
  • No machine or translation software
  • Mastery in active languages
  • Multi-platform and program compatibility
  • Localization

Documents we commonly translate include:

  • Informed Consent documents
  • Patient Intake and Patient History forms
  • Patient handouts and Discharge Instructions
  • Website pages
  • TANF applications
  • Housing Assistance forms
  • Public Policy documents (IRB)
  • HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care information
  • Diplomas
  • Transcripts
  • Birth certificates

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