Document Translation – How it Works

You can can be confident that your documents will be secure and kept confidential during the life cycle of the project.  Our rates are fairly priced with consideration to volume and complexity to ensure our clients have a great return on a quality product.

Setting up a translation project is easy.

  1. Contact our Translation Department at 800-482-8292 or 615-534-3409
  2. Be prepared to provide and Access Code
  3. Send your file securely to
  4. A translation coordinator will contact you to verify your request and review the project
  5. An work estimate will be created and sent for you to accept
  6. Translated file will be sent to you for final approval
  7. Project will be archived for your future work

Translation Process.001



Translation is the conversion of written text,

Interpretation is the conversion of oral speech.

Translators translate and Interpreters interpret.